unicorn and flowers

Know what lies beyond the unicorn picture.

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When I try to find it, I can’t find it.
I can’t find the shape.

The more you try to see, the less you see.

At such times, I am reminded.
That there is truth outside of my consciousness.

And then I realize.
I am here.

That’s what time to paint means.

But this unicorn picture is still not close to the truth.
It is frustrating to be so close to reaching it.

unicorn and flowers

I want to see the cherry blossoms, so

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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
And yet, I haven’t been able to go see the cherry blossoms yet.

Instead, I asked Mr. Unicorn to go see the cherry blossoms in the painting.

I hope I can see the cherry blossoms before they fall.

Although the cherry blossoms were in the process of falling, we were able to view the cherry blossoms while walking along the rows of cherry trees.

It was dusk, so the pale colors of the cherry blossoms and the evening light were very magical.

Cherry blossoms bloom
The air is dyed
I, too, am tinted with the color of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms
Materials: fountain pen, black ink, watercolor crayon