I want to see the cherry blossoms, so

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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
And yet, I haven’t been able to go see the cherry blossoms yet.

Instead, I asked Mr. Unicorn to go see the cherry blossoms in the painting.

I hope I can see the cherry blossoms before they fall.

Although the cherry blossoms were in the process of falling, we were able to view the cherry blossoms while walking along the rows of cherry trees.

It was dusk, so the pale colors of the cherry blossoms and the evening light were very magical.

Cherry blossoms bloom
The air is dyed
I, too, am tinted with the color of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms
Materials: fountain pen, black ink, watercolor crayon

2022, second New Year’s Day! Welcome to the New Year!

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Yesterday, February 1, was the first day of the first lunar month,
yes, the second New Year’s Day!
The beginning of a new year.  

January was spent too slowly.
The Chinese New Year has arrived and today is the start of 2022!   

Happy New Year once again!
I look forward to working with you and the Unicorn in 2022.

Here is the schedule for this year’s exhibition.
There are two real exhibitions that have already been decided.
There will be another exhibition overseas in July.

I’ll let you know the individual details as they become available.

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat!


Whether you give me candy or not.
I’ll play tricks on you.

It’s Halloween today.

Unicorns are also dressed up in costumes.
How about a unicorn, the god of death?

Tonight you will be visited by a unicorn in costume.

What kind of pranks do you want to be played on you?

Not enough art component!

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There is a shortage of art these days.

In this day and age.
It’s hard to go to museums.

I don’t have enough art.

In the meantime, I found an online workshop
by Calandache Japan
This is “Easy Art in Color and English for Adults”.

Painting is so much fun and I love that time.

There’s nothing to it,I’m just moving your hands around,
I can have a really good time.

I used watercolor crayons as my painting medium.
I don’t know what it will look like until it’s finished.
That’s part of the fun!

I really enjoy painting.
When I’m painting, I’m happy.
I don’t have to think about anything, I’m just moving my hands.
It’s really a great time.

Unicorns, color bottles and color therapy

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I’m a unicorn painter, but I’m also a color therapist!

One of these activities is self-session.

I drew an illustration of a unicorn on the edge of my memorandum notebook.
I drew it roughly, so the bottle is pretty messy, but that’s okay.

By the way.
In the photo is a colored bottle of Scent-Sation Bicolore.

It’s not only beautiful, but the name of the bottle is a famous painter.
That’s why I’m enjoying the sessions more than ever.

As an artist, my range of expression has expanded.

As an artist and a therapist.
I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful color therapy!